There’s tax credit available for those UK businesses which develop or improve products, software or processes

There’s tax credit available for those UK businesses which develop or improve products, software or processes for themselves or their clients. If you have a limited company based in the UK and provide customers with bespoke solutions or develop products, software or technology, you could benefit from the scheme. Working with your accountants, Amolo Group advisors turn your ideas, solutions and projects into a tax credit or cash by identifying, defining and describing qualifying costs and activities within your business. This credit is an incredibly valuable source of funding, allowing you to reinvest in your business and continue doing what you do best. Whether you are making a loss or a profit, you can still make a claim. We guarantee to work for any client, regardless of fee.

R&D Tax Credits are backed by the government and designed to support businesses that invest in scientific or technological advances.

Successful claims reduce corporation tax on profits, or provide cashback in the event of loss-making. We advise on the most efficient way to use the credit.

The scheme rewards great ideas, innovative processes and new products. The credit can be used to transform future investment decisions.

From our experience, nearly every company undertakes research and development in some form or another – talk to us today. We work with all kinds of firms, including professional sports clubs, real estate and property developers, cafes, event and hospitality firms, manufacturing firms and steel stockholders etc.

Professional sports clubs

Our experts help hundreds of SMEs across almost every sector to receive millions of pounds to take their business further. We handle every aspect of your claim in association with your own accountants by identifying, defining and describing qualifying R&D activities and costs in your business, undertaking research to support the claim, preparing an evidence based expert technical report and supporting the accountants to make the tax credit calculation, and dealing with HMRC.

Learn more about our process or read on to see what a claim could be worth. We charge a fee only if you have a qualifying claim to make.

Evidence based technical report

HMRC states that for tax purposes, R&D takes place when a project seeks to achieve an advance in overall knowledge or capability in a field of science or technology. There are a wide range of qualifying activities, so if your company is attempting to solve scientific or technological uncertainty, then it is likely you are carrying out R&D.

Our team of advisors analyse your company’s expenditure, scrutinising all the qualifying costs:

  • The cost of employment – staff salaries and employer’s NIC and pension contributions
  • Materials and consumables – including utility bills – that are used in the R&D
  • The cost of subcontractors and certain other service providers can be claimed
  • Software and IT costs, in some cases.

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