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Manufacturing and engineering

Manufacturing and engineering projects can qualify for R&D tax credits Typically those product and engineering or manufacturing process development projects that may qualify for research and development (R&D) tax relief include the following items: Innovative product development using computer aided design tools; Development of second generation or improved products; Tooling and equipment fixture design and [...]

There’s tax credit available for those UK businesses which develop or improve products, software or processes

There’s tax credit available for those UK businesses which develop or improve products, software or processes for themselves or their clients. If you have a limited company based in the UK and provide customers with bespoke solutions or develop products, software or technology, you could benefit from the scheme. Working with your accountants, Amolo Group [...]

Critical skills are essential to ensure validity of the research phase

As professional advisors we work to the highest ethical standards. We ensure that we undertake continuous professional development. Indeed, we believe that life long learning is a delight. Recently, we revisited the principles of critical thinking to ensure that research we carry out with every client, prior to writing the detailed technical narratives for the [...]

UK SMEs benefit from the HMRC R&D tax credit scheme

Directors of incorporated SMEs throughout the UK may benefit from the HMRC R&D tax credit scheme, which provides significant benefits to firms making scientific and technological advances to improve processes, products and services. Most managers make these advances when solving day to day problems. Our advisors have significant experience in a range of industry sectors. [...]

HMRC itself estimates that only 3% of eligible companies ever make a claim for R&D tax credits.

Company directors should read this. Also, firms providing technical and consultancy services to companies, such as the developers of apps, should read this, as your services might be classed as “subcontracted research and development (R&D)” undertaken by your client, and thus make the client eligible to reclaim the subcontractor’s fees from HMRC. R&D tax credits [...]

Making claims for tax credits from HMRC

According to HMRC’s report, “the ‘Manufacturing’, ‘Professional, Scientific and Technical’, and Information and Communication sectors continued to have the greatest volume of claims for tax credits from HMRC, making up a total of 71% of claims and 75% of the total amount claimed in any tax year.” “Mark Tighe, CEO of Tax Relief Specialists for [...]